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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the action of someone with more experience sharing advice, insight, and their understanding of a field with someone who is interested in learning more. Professional and career mentorships can be immensely valuable to students for a number of reasons. A mentor can give tips for the job's application process, offer advice for skills to build while in school, provide insight into whether this is the best career field for a student, and although it should never be expected, may just be the key to unlocking new opportunities.

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Brooklyn College alumni are always eager to provide career advice. The Magner Center encourages Alumni to stay connected and standby as a resource for students. But beyond alums, a mentor can be anyone including family, friends of family, neighbors, professionals you meet at work, or even fellow students.

How Can BC Students Get a Mentor?

There are several ways that students can connect with professionals in their field including events, various online resources, and programs hosted by the Magner Career Center.


  • Career Exploration Month in November which typically features over 50 alumni
  • Alumni Networking Night in April/May which typically features over 75 alumni and students
  • The Magner Career Center, academic departments, student clubs, and professional associations all host events throughout the year that give you opportunity to meet professionals

Online Resources

Alumni Mentoring Program

  • Twice a year, the Magner Center runs the Alumni Mentoring Program. This is an effort to connect students with Professionals involved in their career field. 

How Can Students Prepare for Contacting/Meeting with Alumni or Professionals?

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