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You admire Rembrandt, appreciate Renoir and love Dali's surrealism, and you have always dreamed of becoming the next celebrated artist, appreciated in your own time. At Brooklyn College, you'll be studying in the center of the art world. For the past 80 years, we have been drawing on a vast community of distinguished art figures for our faculty, and we invite many visiting artists, art historians, critics and curators to campus to supplement our programs. You'll work in our suite of studios and workrooms, and you'll benefit from our specialized art library. And off campus, you will have easy access to New York's great museums, noted galleries, and lectures and presentations by artists and others from the local art community.

Magner Center Resources/Programs

Alumni Mentor Program - Through the Alumni Mentor program, the Magner Career Center connects students with an alumni mentor in their field. 

Company Visits - The Magner Career Center visits companies in different fields to help students learn about a profession first-hand. 

Internship Stipend - Can't afford to take an unpaid internship in the arts? Apply for one of the Magner Career Center Internship Stipend Awards. Read about our internship stipend program, available to both undergraduate and graduate students, as a possible option to help you take a non-paid off-campus internship you wouldn't have otherwise been able to take.

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