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Getting a job requires preparing and starting early, gaining experience, conducting research, and attending events where you can meet meet employers and professionals. More effort and using all resources yield better results.  HireBC is where we post jobs/internships. Access HireBC or explore the Career tab on  

  • Be Prepared
    • Review the Resume/Cover Letter Quick Reference to ensure you have an error-free resume and cover letter that markets your skills to employers
    • Review the Interview Quick Reference to ensure you are properly prepared
      • Schedule a Mock Interview for practice 
    • Review all of our quick reference guides which include topics such as how to network and what to wear. Also check out for career tips.
    • Attend our relevant workshops such as Job Search 101

  • Do Research
    • Use Firsthand for job postings, company overviews, career videos etc.
    • Access employer directories for a wide area of industries/occupations through FirstHand. and are also great resources for company information, salary, interview questions etc.
    • Check out the Magner Career Center YouTube channel to learn more about a profession, company etc.

  • Connect With Employers
    • Attend events hosted by the Magner Career Center (register via career section)
      • information sessions with employers, career conferences, company visits and/or panels focused on specific industries/career fields
      • our fall and spring internship fair as well as job fairs off campus. 
    • Search for jobs on various search sites such as HireBC (exclusive to Brooklyn College students accessible via,, and apply to many jobs/internships
    • Research Career Training, Fellowships, and Programs (for graduating seniors/recent graduates).
    • Attend departments and student club events featuring outside guests.

There are additional tips and resources if you are looking for something part-time or an internship.

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