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I need a resume; can you write one for me?

We do not write resumes for students. Writing your own resume is truly the best way to learn how to write an effective one.  We want you to develop resume writing skills, which you will likely use several times in your life.   The Magner Career Center does have several ways to assist you in writing your resume.  We hold several resume writing workshops each semester. Meet with a career counselor in 1303 James Hall during drop in hours.  Visit our web site for the current drop-in hours and workshop schedule.

I am undecided about what to select as a major; what can I do to make a decision?

You have many options:

  • Speak to other students who have already declared majors and have clear career goals. Perhaps they can offer some insight into how they arrived at their decisions.
  • Seek advice and counseling at the Magner Career Center.  Career counselors are available to advise you about possible career goals and choosing the appropriate major.
  • Attend a Finding the Right Major  workshop held by the Magner Career Center.
  • Register for the Magner Career Center Internship Program .  You can attend workshops on various fields and do internships at a wide variety of companies that will enable you to decide on whether or not you want to follow a particular career. Internships are also offered through the various academic departments.
  • Speak to counselors in the departments that interest you.  Faculty members have posted counseling hours for your convenience. 

Is it necessary for me to do an internship before I graduate?

While internships are not required for graduation, it is strongly advised that students consider completing at least one internship while they are undergraduates.  Internships are now considered essential for career success.  The Magner Career Center Internship Program provides students with experiential learning in a wide variety of career areas, giving students the ability to “try on” a career for a semester. The program assists students in obtaining paid/volunteer, part-time, and summer positions in their prospective career fields.  The internship experience enables students to learn the technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills they will need to succeed in their future careers. Students need to start considering internships as early as their sophomore year. The program offers workshops that help students in their early career planning and career decision-making. An internship will provide you with knowledge you will not be able to get elsewhere.


I cannot afford to do an unpaid internship; what do you suggest?

Consider the following suggestions:

  • The Magner Center offers stipend awards that allow students to take unpaid or low paying internships.  There are requirements to apply for a stipend and they are competitive. 
  • The Internship Stipend Award Fact Sheet  can give you all the needed information for those who qualify and how to apply for these stipend awards.
  • Contact your major department for information on internship courses and requirements.


I will be graduating soon; when do I start my job search and what services are available to assist me?

Due to the competitive nature of today's job market, college graduates are best advised to start their job search at the beginning of their last year of academic study.  The Magner Center provides a host of services to assist job seekers, from workshops on resume writing, interviewing and the job search to a web-based recruiting system, virtual and live job fairs, job postings, etc.  Visit the Magner Center as soon as you can and register for our programs. 


If I come to the Magner Center will you find a job for me?

The goal of the Magner Center is to teach students job search skills they can use throughout their lives.  We provide several services to help students land the job they want and to gain access to employers.   Attendance at one of the Center’s job fairs, the Big Apple Job Fair and the Staten-Island-Brooklyn Job Fair, as well as reviewing various Career and Industry Informational Sites (which posts thousands of jobs) can be very helpful.   In addition, students can attend our workshops or spend time with a career counselor to learn effective job search techniques.

I have very little work experience; what can I do?

The need for work experience will depend on the position, company and industry you have targeted.  Having paid or non-paid experience will give you an advantage over other students and will help your resume stand out.  Consider the following areas to get the work experience you need:

  • Get an Internship - go to the Magner Center, 1303 James Hall to sign up
  • Get a temporary position, part-time job or apply for a job on campus
  • Volunteer at a community organization or volunteer to do a project for a company
  • Assist a professor with research or a project or become a teaching assistant for a class
  • Help run a student organization or event


What companies come to Brooklyn College to hire students for full-time jobs?

The Magner Center has many companies, from various industries, that recruit students for internships and full-time positions.  Some of the companies that have recruited and hired Brooklyn College students include Citigroup, Ernst and Young, Federated Merchandising (Macy's), N.Y.C Public Schools, New York Life Insurance, Attorney Generals Office, Enterprise Rent A Car, Avon, Bloomberg LLP, Young Adult Institute, Barnes and Noble and many, many more.

I think my GPA may be low; will I still get a job?

The importance of a GPA varies by industry and company.  Some companies have a strict minimum GPA requirement.  But many do not have one or are flexible with the requirement.  If you feel your GPA may not be what employers want, do not mention your GPA on your resume or interview unless asked.  If your GPA is required on your resume or you want to be prepared in case you are asked, make an appointment with a career counselor at the Magner Center for help with handling the situation. Here are some things to think about:

  • Enhance your GPA with work experiences and extracurricular activities  
  • Be able to explain why it is low
  • Use your major GPA if it is higher than your cumulative GPA or provide both if asked for a GPA
  • Include your GPA for a selected time span. This works if you did better academically over time
  • Highlight any academic awards or achievements
  • Retake courses you had trouble with, take future classes pass/fail or change your grade to pass/fail. The Brooklyn College Bulletin has information on how and when it can be done
  • Sell yourself in person through career fairs, participating in professional organizations, etc.

I have a Liberal Arts major; what kind of careers can I go into?

Almost anything you want.  The multidisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education exposes students to the many liberal arts disciplines, such as history, literature, political science, sociology, economics, etc. The interesting thing about liberal arts majors is that the skills are transferable to many different careers.  Students who have majored in a liberal arts discipline are well equipped for the twenty-first century workplace, or for graduate study at universities and professional schools seeking broad intellectual preparation.  Business, financial organizations, and urban institutional employers, like schools, hospitals, and the media also seek graduates who have a broad knowledge and are sensitive to the multicultural realities of the present day.  

I am an international student; how can I get a job once I graduate?

All international students must register with the International Student Services Office located at 1105B James Hall x4477. The International Student Services office will supply students with the necessary forms to start the employment process. Students should ask for the OPT ---Optional Practice Training paperwork at least one year before graduation. When the forms are completed, the student must return all paperwork to the International Student Services office. The counselor at the office will send the OPT forms to the INS services.  When the INS processes the paperwork, the student will receive an employment authorization number to work for one year.  

You can also view this presentation for information about frequently asked questions regarding international student student employment. 

How can I find out more information about the Magner Center?

  • Stop by the center at 1305 James Hall during office hours Mon, Thurs, and Fri 9:15 – 4:45 pm and Tues and Wed 9:15 – 6:45 pm (hours are subject to change so call ahead if making a special trip).
  • Visit the Portal regularly for more information about our services, special events and workshops.
  • Call the center at 718.951.5696 during office hours.
  • E-mail the center at for other questions.