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Stipend awards (taxable) help current students take non-paid off-campus opportunities related to their career (internship, volunteer, off campus research, student teaching and practicum) that they would not have otherwise been able to afford. If the student is provided a small stipend (lunch/travel) or the paid internship is out of state, you might still be eligible.   

  • The stipends are competitive, with approximately 30% of students selected to receive an award. 
  • All majors are eligible but a few of our stipends are specific to majors (English, Finance, Computer Science, Urban Sustainability). 
  • Review the application for the specific criteria. Students must meet the minimum to even qualify.  
  • Winners are determined by their resume,  essay responses, recommendation and in some cases an interview.

How do students apply? Please note that all applications are looked at after the deadline. We do not review them as they come in.

Are there other stipend/funding opportunities?