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What are stipends?/Am I eligible to apply?  

Stipend awards (taxable) help current students take non-paid off-campus opportunities related to their career (internship, volunteer, off campus research, student teaching and practicum) that they would not have otherwise been able to afford.  Please note that currently only remote internships are being approved for stipends. It may be possible the summer and/or fall may be the same.

  • The stipends are competitive, with approximately 30% of students selected to receive an award 
  • All majors are eligible but a few of our stipends are specific to majors (English, Finance, Computer Science, Urban Sustainability) and some are specific to career interests (pre-law, governmental accounting)
  • Minimum GPA is 3.0, You must be a undergraduate or graduate student at the time you will intern.  You can apply before securing an internship. Review our additional eligibility requirements

How do I apply?  

Submit your application by the deadline (please note applications are looked at after the deadline and late applications are not accepted) Summer/Fall Internship Deadline:  March and Spring Internship Deadline: October.  To apply:

  1. Click on this page Brooklyn College - Scholarship Application and Search (note: it will take you to the Brooklyn College - Scholarship Application and Search page. We are using the same program to administer the stipend) 
  2. Log in
  3. Once you log in select Magner Career Center - Stipend Award Application.

Once in the application you will be asked to submit your resume, list the contact information of one reference (professional or academic) and to submit responses to the following questions:

  1. Describe your financial need/situation (How will receiving the money benefit you? How do you currently support yourself? Are you part of any program that provides a stipend for internships?)

How can I make my application standout? 

Winners are determined by their resume, essay responses, recommendation and, in some cases, an interview. Review 1) How to Apply and Get Selected Video Workshop, 2) a short video featuring donors and former stipend winner and/or 3) Top tips for a stellar stipend application to help you put together the best application possible:

What happens if I am selected?

For more information and answers to common questions, go to the FAQs page and make sure you are aware of the internship site eligibility requirements. Receiving the stipend is contingent on approval of the internship site.

Where does the funding come from? 

These awards are made possible by very generous donations from Brooklyn College alumni (Magner, Tow, Garil, O’Hara, Friedman, Glaser, Kandel,  Sisti, Geen, Lebowitz and Weill).   

Are there other stipend/funding opportunities? 

Yes check 1) Cancer Research Internship/Stipend 2) Scholarship office pageRosen fellowWatson and Zicklin fellows may also help cover for unpaid internships or External Internship Stipend Programs

Please note: Requirements/Guidance on In-Person/Partial Remote Internships

If you have any internship opportunities that won’t be fully remote, at the moment please be aware that CUNY has informed the campuses that student internship-seekers should be performing their new roles in remote-only format. Students who choose to participate in an in-person internship, are participating at their own risk. If the internship is for credit or a stipend it must be approved. Note that most in-person internships are not being approved even if it is for credit or a stipend. Employers or students who have questions about whether their internship can be in person should reach out to for assistance.