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The Magner Career Center offers stipend awards up the fall, spring and summer semesters (amounts are taxable).

Internship Stipend Awards are competitive cash awards to help current undergraduate and graduate students take non-paid off-campus internships (volunteer, off campus research, student teaching and internships required for your degree qualify) that you would not have otherwise been able to afford. Internships providing small stipends such as travel or lunch, and internships for academic credit, are also eligible.  Some paid internships may be eligible if they are out of state.  The stipends are competitive, with approximately 30% of students selected to receive an award. All majors are eligible but a few of our stipends are specific to majors (English, Finance, Computer Science, Urban Sustainability). Review the application for the specific criteria. Students must meet the minimum to even qualify.  Winners are determined by their letter of recommendation, their resume and responses to several essays.

How do students apply? Please note that all applications are looked at after the deadline. We do not review them as they come in.
  1. Internship Stipend for all majors Review the eligibility requirements carefully. Complete the online application form and send all required materials as directed in the application by the deadline. Students can apply before having secured the internship. Deadline for Summer/Fall internship stipends is in March. The deadline for those interning in Spring is in October.

  2. Cancer Research Internship/Stipend

  3. International or Pre Law Internship Stipends If you are planning to intern abroad consider applying for the Rosen fellow (deadline in January) or contact PamBrown for information about international or pre-law internship stipends.

Note: Students are STRONGLY encouraged to review other possible source opportunities for their internshipsScholarship office pageRosen fellowWatson and Zicklin fellows may also help cover for unpaid internships and External Internship Stipend Programs

These awards are made possible by very generous donations from Brooklyn College alumni (Magner, Tow, Garil, O’Hara, Friedman, Glaser, Kandel,  Sisti, Geen, Lebowitz and Weill).  Learn more about our internship program from former recipients and donors.  For more information and answer to common questions go to the FAQs page