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Review the following material for information on how to look for an internship as well as how to be a standout intern.  The more prepared students are, the better their chances of succeeding.   If you have any concerns about an internship posting or you started an internship and have concerns please contact Miriam at 718 951 5696 or

Accessing Internships via the Magner Career Center: All internships that are promoted to Brooklyn College students through our office are listed on Hire BC which you can access at (career section). 

Planning to intern in 2021?.

Due to the urgent need for proper health precautions in employment settings during COVID-19, CUNY has informed the campuses that student internship-seekers should be performing their new roles in remote-only format, in most, if not all cases.  If a student chooses to participate in person internships they are participating at their own risk.  Students applying for in person internships, part-time or full-time employment should be vigilant in their assessment of positions that require in-person work during the ensuing pandemic. In addition to doing their due diligence in ascertaining an employers risk-mitigation, students should contact the Magner Career Center to discuss safety concerns regarding a potential employment opportunity. The student understands that the ultimate decision to perform any in-person work during COVID-19 is theirs to make and that such work may present unique health risks.  

Most of your questions and information you need will be answered via the material in steps 1-4.

  1. Magner Career Center's Internships 101 
    1. Internships 101- Part 1 - What and Why
    2. Internships 101- Part 2 - How to Land an Internship (check our 9 resources to help you find a paid internship)
    3. Internships 101- Part 3 - Affording and Funding Your Internship.Visit our page on internal stipends for details on how to apply and deadlines and review the External Internship Stipend page for more opportunities.  
    4. Internships 101- Part 4 - How to Be a Standout Intern and view video tips from recent interns.

  2. Suggested Reading: 
    1. Magner Career Center's Internship Handout and more comprehensive internship handbook
    2. Become familiar with the Dept. of Labor's Guidelines on unpaid internships,  Protections for INTERNS in the Workplace,  
    3. Review the red flags list to make sure the internship is legitimate. 
    4. Consider interning abroadDevelop cross-cultural skills and show future employers that you are the kind of person who makes opportunities for yourself rather than waiting for something to happen. Learn more at and contact Pam at for assistance.

    Contact Miriam Loyd ( if you have think an internship may be a scam or you have any issues at the internship site where you may need assistance (can range from minor such as a difficult boss to more serious such as discrimination/harassment). 

  3. Optional Additional Reading: 
    1. Vault's Top Internship 
    2. How to Score the Internship of Your Dreams
    3. Self-Study Guide to Building Relevant Work Experience: Getting the Most from Your Internship Experience  
    4. Top 10 Sites to Find an Internship
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