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Review the following material for information on how to look for an internship as well as how to be a standout intern.  The more prepared students are, the better their chances of succeeding.   If you have any concerns about an internship posting or have started an internship and have concerns please contact the internship team at 718 951 5696 or

Accessing Internships via the Magner Career Center: All internships that are promoted to Brooklyn College students through our office are listed on Hire BC which you can access at (career section). 

Most of your questions and information you need will be answered via the material in steps 1-4.

  1. Magner Career Center's Internships 101 - 4 part Series (Required for participation in the internship program)
    1. Internships 101- Part 1 - What and Why

    2. Internships 101- Part 2 - How to Land an Internship
      1. Become familiar with the Dept. of Labor's Guidelines on unpaid internships,  Protections for INTERNS in the Workplace,  and review the red flags list to make sure the internship is legitimate. 
      2. Consider interning abroadDevelop cross-cultural skills and show future employers that you are the kind of person who makes opportunities for yourself rather than waiting for something to happen. Learn more at and contact Pam at for assistance.

    3. Internships 101- Part 3 - Affording and Funding Your Internship.Visit our page on internal stipends for details on how to apply and deadlines and review the External Internship Stipend page for more opportunities.  

    4. Internships 101- Part 4 - How to Be a Standout Intern.pdf

  2. In order to make the most of the internship program and confirm you have reviewed the 4 parts, please complete our short quiz/evaluation. Students who are having trouble securing an internship or need some guidance and would like to meet with an internship counselor one-on-one must complete steps 1 and 2. Filling out the evaluation will serve as proof you reviewed all 4 parts. You can then call 718 951 5696 or go to to make an appointment.

  3. Suggested Reading: 
    1. Magner Career Center's Internship Handout
    2. Become familiar with the Dept. of Labor's Guidelines on unpaid internshipsProtections for INTERNS in the Workplace, and the red flags list to make sure the internship is legitimate. If you have any concerns please contact the internship team at 718 951 5696 or

  4. Optional Additional Reading: 
    1. Vault's Top Internship Vault's Top Internship Guide 2016
    2. How to Score the Internship of Your Dreams
    3. Self-Study Guide to Building Relevant Work Experience: Getting the Most from Your Internship Experience  
    4. Top 10 Sites to Find an Internship
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