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Here are some things to do before your interview:

  • Attend interview related workshops and events (check BC Webcentral for latest events).
  • Review the Dress for Success Quick Reference to ensure you will give the right 1st impression.
  • Review the Interview Quick Reference to help you prepare and know better what to expect. 
  • If you are feeling a little nervous the Interview Anxiety Quick Reference will give you tips to calm your nerves.
  • Refer to the Thank You Letter Quick Reference for assistance with writing a thank you letter.  Come in during Walk in Hours for a counselor to review your letter. Call 718.951.5696 for current hours. 
  • Arrange a mock interview with a counselor before your scheduled interview by calling 718.951.5696 or coming to 1303 James Hall.
  • Have a video interview? Review our virtual interviewing/job fairs page. 
  • Have a group interview? Here are some tips from The Muse and Interview Guys to help you prepare.
  • Prepare at least 5 questions you want to ask the interviewer - there is a chance you will only be able to ask 2-3. View the video "Questions to Ask During Job Interviews" featuring our director to learn more about questions to prepare. 
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