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Notes from one of the webinars

LinkedIn now has over 100 million users.

SAMPLE Student Profile:  Notice the detail he put under his education section for college. She said you want to make that section robust and a place to put extracurriculars, activities and societies. His photo also has him at a sports stadium in the background. His summary section is also well done.

HEADLINES:  They matter. Use keywords here for recruiter searches. Example: Recent Ohio State Honors Grad and Publishing Intern. IT Project Manager Seeking New Opportunity (if openly looking).

SUMMARY section:  She recommended 100-300 words. Short paragraphs. Can use bullets if you want. Advised leaving lots of white space. It’s the place to explain your story, especially helpful for career changers, highlighting unique/diverse.

SPECIALITIES: You’ll want to fill this with key words. Load this section. Recruiters use this for targeting candidates.

CONTACT settings:  Make sure you put career opportunities so recruiters know they can contact you.

RECOMMENDATIONS: She said she’s learned recruiters are most impressed by manager or direct supervisor recommendations more than those from colleagues or friends. Recommends at least one for each position. You want quality over quantity.

STATUS UPDATES: Recommended doing so 1 to 3x/week with articles, events.


APPS:  You can find them under More at the top, Get More Applications. Only use them if they will enhance your profile. Best example seemed to be for PORTFOLIOS for people in graphic design fields, etc. Also and EVENTS app that allows you to share with others what industry-related events you will be attending.

There’s a newer SKILLS section you can add to your profile. You can find it above the summary section by clicking Add Sections. It said there were suggested skills but I didn’t see them. I think it’s easier to look on other profiles for ideas. There’s also a CERTIFICATIONS option.

Example is Lindsey Pollak’s profile: []



      Public Speaking

      (Expert, 12 years experience)



      (Expert, 9 years experience)


      Career Development

      (Expert, 9 years experience)


      Training & Development

      (Advanced, 7 years experience)

COMPANIES SECTION: Especially for larger companies, you can click on, “Check out Insightful Statistics on this company”. It will tell you top places other people worked before this company, company growth, who changed their title stats, and more. Here’s an example for Google: She recommended seeing the New Hires for clues on the background of people who were being hired there.

JOBS SECTION: When you apply for a job through the LinkedIn site it, it sends your profile over to the company and could be a way to stand out from the larger pool of people applying the standard email way.

Brand new as of this week:  Industry news. Top headlines. Great for before an interview to understand what is going on in an industry.

Source: Lindsey Pollak

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