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The Magner Career Center has collaborated with clubs since its existence. The demands have increased in recent years and we have seen an increase in student organizations hosting career-related events. The Magner Career Center organizes 20-30 events per semester, which are generally planned 3 to 6 months in advance. Here are some best practices to ensure a successful partnership:

Promotion of Magner Career Center or Student Organization Events

Clubs can reach out to us if they want the Magner Career Center to assist with promoting our events to their members and other BC students. If a club is hosting a career event, the career center may be able to share it via social media. If the club’s event conflicts with an event we are hosting on the same day or we have many things to promote during that time, we may not be able to fulfill the request. To have your career-related event promoted to our social media please email a JPEG or PNG version of your flier to at least one week prior to the event (the staff that manages our social media work part-time). Include any relevant information for your club so you can be tagged. While we can’t guarantee we can promote the event, the sooner we receive it the more likely we can share on social media. Promotion via email should be handled through your faculty adviser or corresponding department.

Potential Event Conflicts

Since the Magner Career Center plans events several months in advance, student organizations can check our workshop schedule before inviting an outside guest on the same date of an event that may pull from the same audience.   If there is a conflict, it is up to the club if they want to have their event on a different day or if want to see if we can combine the events to maximize attendance. 

Speakers from the Magner Career Center

The Magner Career Center is often asked to send a speaker to club events. We will do our best to accommodate but it will depend on availability and other events we may have.  In order to get a speaker from the Magner Career Center contact the appropriate person listed below at least 2 weeks before the scheduled talk/presentation. If the club is seeking an outside speaker, such as an alumnus/alumna or an employer, please contact the appropriate person listed below 2-3 months in advance. More notice is needed if the event involves several speakers and the club has specific requests as to the type of speaker. The topic has to be career-related. 

Co-Sponsoring an Event

If a club has an idea for an event that they may want the Magner Career Center to co-sponsor, they should reach out to the appropriate liaison listed above with several months notice. We recommend contacting us May 1 for fall events, November 1 for spring events and March 1 for summer events.  Since the center develops their schedule several months in advance, the sooner you contact us the more likely we may be able to accommodate the request. 

Any questions not addressed above you can reach out to the Director, Natalia Guarin-Klein

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