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Pre-Law Handbook 2017-2018 .pdf(Students download everything you need to know going forward)

Pre-Law Events Fall Calendar

What is a Law School Forum? Click on the link below:

NYC Law School Forum dates are: 
Friday, October 20, 2017
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Register on-line at :


What are 10 things Every Pre-Law Student Should Know?

  • Connect with the Prelaw Program
  • Search for Financial Aid
  • Begin networking
  • Keep a journal of experiences and observations
  • Take the Kaplan Mock LSAT Exams for practice every semester
  • .    Research law schools early and determine your best-fit law schools
  • Make sure your professors know you (visit during office hours, speak up in class, and attend class)
  • Select a major of study that you enjoy
  • Get involved around campus and the student club community
  • Meet law school deadlines      



Additional Pre-Law Resources




Pre-Law Scholarships 

    • Register for Stanley Geen Memorial Internship Stipend
    • Register for Stanley Geen LSAT Stipend
    • BCAA Lawyer’s Affiliate Award – The recipients shall be pre-law graduating seniors at Brooklyn College who can demonstrate that they have been accepted into law school. $1,000 available

    • Freda Len, ’75 Memorial Fund – To a graduating senior who plans to go to law school or become a paralegal. $300 available

    • Jules Ritholz Memorial Award - To an outstanding graduating senior who has been accepted to a law school and whose academic standing and extracurricular activities epitomize the standards of excellence exemplified by Jules Ritholz. Award amount is $1,000

    • The National Black Law Student Association is a national organization formed to articulate and promote the needs and goals of Black law students to effectuate change in the legal community.

    • Scholarship: NEBLSA is giving away a $2,000 scholarship to two (2) undergraduate juniors or seniors attending an accredited college or institution of higher learning full-time, who will attend or apply to law school in Fall 2019.

      The NEBLSA 2019 Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholarship is for students who demonstrate an interest in diversity within the legal profession and who are interested in becoming lawyers and/or using their academic and professional careers to advocate for social change.


      Qualified applicants are invited to submit an application. You will also need to provide an updated resume and letter of recommendation. The recommender (a teacher, coach, employer, etc.) should be able to speak to your demonstrated interest in social justice and giving back to your community. Applicants are also required to submit an application and essay answering the following questions (less than 700 words):                     

      1) How do you define your commitment to your campus and community (family, neighborhood, city, etc.)

      2) What are your career aspirations and how do you hope they will benefit marginalized communities of color?

      To be eligible, the student must be an undergraduate junior or senior or will attend or apply to law school in Fall 2019. Applications are due on Friday, January 5, 2019 at midnight. The deadline will be enforced and submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. Please submit your application, essay responses, resume, and letter of recommendation to Naiyma Patterson at<

      Important: All student applicants MUST have a current social security card!!!!!!

      1)   Scholarship Acknowledgement Letter (will be attached in the email sent to you)

      2)    Use IT-2014E is for students under the age of 25.  If you are under 25 but not a full time student then you must use IT-2014 instead

      3)    You will complete the W4 Form 

      4)  Contact the Fiscal and Business Office to complete your I-9 form appointment and submit the above documents.   If you are unable to meet with Fiscal and Business office you may lose your award since all paperwork has to be submitted by a specific deadline.  They will ask you to bring your social security card (no exceptions) and a photo ID (passport, school ID, license etc. ALL Current documents). Therefore, review the I-9 form on-line. So that you are familiar with what are acceptable documents to bring and to make sure you have them and they are current (not expired).

       5)  Students will need to submit a thank you letter for the donor in order to start the payment process.  

    • In addition:  

      • You are encouraged to make an appointment with a writing tutor at the Learning Center to have them look over your thank you note to ensure there are no mistakes or grammatical errors.
      • We have samples for you to use as a guide (do not copy the letter since several students will be sending the donor a thank you letter).

      If you are an international student, please let me know since you have to do some additional documents.  If you have any questions, please contact: Pam Brown, at


Law School information Digital / Video Publications / Webinar Series

Pathway to Becoming a Professional: a Guide for Pre-Law Students

Register Now »

Join us for this informative presentation that will focus on the importance of professionalism for aspiring attorneys. Topics to be covered in this webinar include a discussion of what it means to be a professional; how and why professionalism can impact your success in the law school application process; and, how a display of professionalism can advance your legal career and personal brand. Following panelists' remarks will be a Q&A segment during time webinar participants will be able to ask questions of the presenters.

Our Expert Presenters

Karen Graziano Karen Graziano is an experienced career consultant, a professional writing instructor, and the pre-law advisor at Princeton University. She founded the Pre-Law and Professional Development programs and courses at Villanova University and has been actively involved in the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors, including serving as NAPLA president.

Victoria Turco Victoria Turco has served as pre-law advisor at Georgetown University since 2008. In prior positions, she served as a nationwide career counselor and advisor for lawyers, associate university counsel, and as a litigation associate. She is an active member of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors, currently serving as At-Large Board Member.

Fall 2017 Webinar Series


  • Focus LSAT Approach at Albany Law School, Touro Law School, and Pace Law School:



Contact Information

* For more information please visit the Magner Career Center at 1303 James Hall or call 718-951-5696 to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Research Assistant.

Magner Career Center Staff

Pamela Brown, 

Assistant Director

Global Internships & Pre-Law Programs

Liaison to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Adjunct, Business Management department

Contact information:
(718) 951-5696
1303 James Hall

Edwin Mathew

Pre-Law Research Assistant

Contact information: 

(718) 951-5696

1303 James Hall

Faculty Advisor 


Prof. Anna Gotlib

Office hours:

Tuesday & Thursday


*And by appointment


Professor Anna Gotlib

Pre-Law Academic Adviser

Philosophy Department

3300 Boylan Hall