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The first step to get started is to review our resume/cover letter guide. The guide includes several samples that you can use as a model for your documents. You should modify your resume/cover letter based on the samples.

The following tools can be helpful if you don't have a lot of experience writing a resume, it is your first resume or you have been told it needs a lot of work.

Other tips/resources: 

  • Attend the Job Search 101 Workshop which covers resume writing, interviewing and searching for a job/internship. You can register for the next session on BC WebCentral
  • Use the Learning Center for assistance with your grammar, syntax and overall writing.
  • If you have limited work experience, view Vault's article on how to write a resume with minimal work experience.
  • Many companies use automated tracking systems to screen resumes. Vault explains some helpful ways to get your resume past an automated tracking system.

Once you have built your resume or cover letter, and have followed the guidance provided in the materials, you can either  upload your resume to HireBC or email for feedback.

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