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You must complete all three steps below to receive your VaxPass.

CUNY VaxPass is available through the Everbridge mobile app. If you entered campus anytime this past year, you likely used the Everbridge app to complete the symptom checker. Although the Everbridge symptom checker is no longer required to enter campus, you must use Everbridge to receive your VaxPass. If you already completed your vaccine verification and have the Everbridge app installed, close it, start a fresh session and proceed to the Get Your VaxPass section below.

Vaccine Verification

Follow CUNY's vaccine verification guide for faculty and staff or students. In summary:

  1. Sign in to CUNYfirst

  2. Click Vaccination Verification n the CUNYfirst Menu

  3. Upload your vaccination documentation as instructed.

  4. Brooklyn College HRS will review your vaccination documentation within one business day. An approved status (below) is required to receive your VaxPass:

Vaccine verification may take up to 48 hours to process.

Brooklyn College HRS will make every attempt to review your vaccine documentation within one business day. It takes up to an additional business day before the HRS approval is available to VaxPass. Thus it could take up to two business days, from the time you submit your vaccine verification, to be eligible for your VaxPass.

Your student status supersedes your employee status.

If you are registered as a CUNY student at another CUNY school, your student status supersedes your employee status, and your vaccination records need to be approved by the Location Vaccine Authority (LVA) liaisons at the campus where you are enrolled as a student. Find your LVA liaison and reach out them as soon as possible.

Install the Everbridge App

Watch a video of the Everbridge setup process. You can stop watching at 1:00 since the symptom checker is no longer required.

  1. Install the Everbridge app for iOS or Android: 

  2. Open the Everbridge app

  3. Click Find an Organization or subscription button on the Everbridge splash page.

  4. Search for CUNY. Select the CUNY – Health Screening option. Do not choose NYAlert.

  5. You will be taken to the CUNY Web Applications Login page. Sign in using your CUNY Login credentials (Username:

  6. Set your notification preferences and click the Done button:

Get Your VaxPass in Everbridge

  1. Open the Everbridge app, click the Shield icon in the bottom right corner. If you do not see the Shield icon, restart the Everbridge application.

  2. Click the VaxPass Request icon:

    If you do not see the VaxPass icon, restart the Everbridge application. If you still do not see it upon restarting, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Everbridge app. For additional help, contact the ITS helpdesk at 718-951-4357 or

  3. Click Submit. You will see a “You’ve successfully submitted your form” banner.

  4. You will receive a notification of a new message in your Feed within a few minutes.

  5. Your Access Approved confirmation token will be available within your Everbridge Feed (a copy will also be sent to your college email).

  6. Open the VaxPass confirmation token for review by the CUNY Screener when you are entering a CUNY location. Here is an example approved VaxPass.

Need Help? Contact the ITS helpdesk at or 718-951-4357

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