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  1. You will receive an email from with a personalized link for your account. Click the personalized link to open the appointment registration page.

    If you did not receive the email or are unable to find it, sign in to CUNYfirst and click the option that says "I am not fully vaccinated OR I do not wish to disclose my vaccination status." This should generate a new unique link for you. If this does not work contact the ITS helpdesk at or 718-951-4357.

  1. Click the button to read and accept the disclaimer:

  2. Complete and verify your personal information (required information is noted with a red asterisk):

  3. After saving your personal information, click "Book Appointment". Select Brooklyn College as your location then choose a date and time that works for you:

  4. Confirm your appointment:

  5. Click the settings icon to choose how and when to receive your appointment reminder:

Need Help? Contact the ITS helpdesk at or 718-951-4357

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