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Working in multiple locations introduces some technical challenges. Here are a few common questions and recommendations:

How do I keep files synchronized between my office and home computers?

Here are two solutions available to CUNY employees for keeping files synchronized across office and home computers:

  • DropboxDropbox is an easy-to-use cloud storage service enabling easy online backup, file sharing and document collaboration. Files stored in your CUNY Dropbox are accessible from anywhere you have Internet access, including smart classrooms and mobile devices. Learn more about using CUNY Dropbox.

  • Microsoft OneDrive: All CUNY employees have access to 1TB of cloud storage via OneDrive on CUNY Office 365. OneDrive is available on the web at and as a downloadable app for your computer. Once installed, any files saved to your OneDrive folder are automatically synchronized across all computers with OneDrive installed. Get Started with OneDrive.

How do I access my files on a smart classroom podium computer?

If you're working on your home desktop computer, be sure to save your files to a portable USB drive or use one of the cloud storage options above (recommended). Once your files are saved to the cloud, you can view or download them from the respective cloud service website: Dropbox (, OneDrive (

How do I connect my personal laptop to the campus wired network?

If you have an active wired network port available in your office or classroom, you can connect your laptop using a standard ethernet cable. If the network port is active, you will be prompted to log in using your Brooklyn College email address and password. If the network port is not active, contact ITS at 718-951-4357 for assistance.

How do I connect my personal laptop or device to BC-WiFi?

You can sign in to BC-WiFi using your Brooklyn College Email ID and password. Connection instructions are on the BC-WiFi page.  Contact ITS at 718-951-4357 for assistance.

How do I connect an external webcam to a college desktop computer?

External webcams are available to college staff upon request. Most webcams can be connected to your college desktop computer via the front or rear USB port. An adapter might be required to connect a webcam to a specialized device (without a traditional USB port). Contact ITS at 718-951-4357 for assistance.

How do I stream my lecture to remote students while simultaneously teaching to students on campus?

Although it's possible to stream your in-class lecture to remote students via Zoom or Blackboard, remote students will likely have a less engaging experience due to the low quality of standard webcams and integrated microphones. If you are interested in dual-mode instruction, the college is working on dedicated HyFlex classrooms with high-quality video cameras and microphones. To learn more about HyFlex classrooms, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

I saved my CUNY Login on my home computer, but I no longer remember the username and/or password.

You will need your CUNY Login to access all of the CUNY cloud services. Keep in mind that if you change your CUNY Login password on one device, you will be signed out at other locations.

Your CUNY Login is based on your CUNYfirst username and typically follows the following format:

username: (the numbers are usually the last two digits of your EMPLID)
password: your CUNYfirst password

You can change your CUNY Login password from the "Login" link on

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