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Lab staff are here to assign you a working computer and assist in the basic operation of the computer and printer. You can expect help with accessing e-mail, the Internet and basic operations of MS Office. They will try to make your time at the Labs comfortable and productive. They are not responsible to complete your coursework, teach you programming or how to use software.  Tutors assigned the CIS department offer detailed assistance with your programming assignments and related coursework. Please refer to the CIS department for tutoring schedules.

The ITS Public Computing Labs has software manuals available upon request. If you need to use a manual, ask the front desk staff. Lab staff will complete the form. Manuals are solely for use in the Labs. Copyright regulations prohibit these manuals from being photocopied. 
Once you have finished using the manuals please return them to the front desk staff immediately. 
Software Self-help Sheets 
In an attempt to assist users, the ITS Public Computing Labs have created a collection of software handouts to answer frequently asked questions about various applications. 
Class Schedules
Class schedules are posted on the door of each classroom and at the entrance of the Labs. Students enrolled a class should wait for the instructor before entering the classroom.

Room Reservations
The classrooms are first and foremost available to professors/instructors for teaching purposes only. Under normal conditions the classrooms are otherwise secured; however in cases when our waiting list is extremely long, the classrooms can be made available to students assuming there aren't any classes scheduled at that time. 

We also make the classrooms available for faculty reservations, if a particular software package is only available in that classroom. Reservations must be made 7 days in advance. To make a reservation, please speak directly to a lab manager.   

Reservation forms that are not completely filled out will be returned. 

For your convenience you may also make reservations by phone. In this case please call 718-951-5787 and ask for a lab manager. If you find that you will be late or must cancel your reservation, please call 718-951-5787 and inform the lab staff. Students who do not show up 15 minutes after the reservation is scheduled will be removed from the reservation list. 

At this time reservations may only be made by BC students that require classroom specific software or hardware.

LINUX Remote Access

You can access the Lab LINUX/ SUN stations from any computer with Internet access.

To do so you must first connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Using one of the lab LINUX machines, the command "lab_machines" will return the list of available LINUX machines. i.e.

The required connection method is SSH version 2( Secure Shell ) which does not transmit your password in the clear across the internet, as telnet and ftp do. SSH includes sftp ( Secure File Transfer Protocol ) and scp ( Secure Copy )

If your are running a recent Linux, Unix or Mac system, ssh is probably available on your system.

Source code is at http:/


has free windows install packages.

For MS windows users, windows install packages are available at:

These windows products are licensed for use with Brooklyn College only.

First you must have internet connectivity via your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Non-Windows: ssh "Your_BC_Unix_login"@"one of the machines from `lab_machines`"

MS windows: ssh or putty: Preliminary steps:ssh/putty icon, set up profiles/saved sessions to preferred machines from "lab_machines" 
ssh/putty icon select a profile