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  • You can apply without having secured an internship/volunteer(career related)/research but you must secure one on your own by the time you need to submit the hiring paperwork (such as tax forms, I-9 etc.). If you're having trouble securing one, we can assist.

  • Receiving the financial stipend is contingent on review of internship site to ensure it is legitimate and meets the criteria.  

  • GPA: Minimum 3.0 GPA (students with a GPA close to 3.0 will be considered if they had extenuating circumstances. Make sure to indicate that in the application.GPA 

  • Class Status: Must be a degree-seeking matriculated student at Brooklyn College at the time of the application and during the internship. Individuals who already graduated or who are in some certificate program or are a visiting student cannot apply. Those pursuing a second-degree qualify.


  • Internship Site: The internship must be at least 120 hours (approximately 10 hours per week) and be completed in the semester you will receive the award. It also must be off campus (at least for most of the time). Off campus research, some volunteer can qualify. The supervisor cannot be a Brooklyn College faculty or staff member.   Most internships that qualify must be unpaid but internships that pay a lower rate than you normally receive or that pay but are out of state (therefore you have more expenses) can be considered. Supervisors are contacted for verification.  Students who do not complete the minimum requirements of the internships (120 hours), are dismissed from their internship prior to completion, or receive a poor performance evaluation might have to return their full or partial payment. You must be interning the same semester of the award.

  • Please review application guidelines  for additional important information and tips (For example. you must have a social security card to be able to receive the award, if selected)