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  1. Attend the Job Search 101 Workshop to learn about resume writing, interviewing and how to search for jobs

  2. Review our Internship 101 Materials.  If you have any concerns about an internship posting or have started an internship and have concerns, please contact the internship team at 718 951 5696 or

  3. Attend one of our internship employer panels and our Brooklyn College Job/Internship Fair (October and March) 

  4. Review the Resume Quick Reference and then get your resume reviewed by meeting with a career counselor in 1303 James Hall during drop in hours.

  5. Search for internships by useingHireBC, Brooklyn College's specific internship and job opportunity database. Accessible through the career tab on webcentralWebCentral and review our list of additional search sites

  6. Research programs that provide paid internships or stipends: Magner Career Center internship stipend and External Internship Stipend Programs
  7. Prepare for networking events and information sessions where you will interact with employers and other professionals
  8. Before your interview review, the Interview Quick Reference and Dress for Success Quick Reference to ensure you are properly prepared.  Do research on the company on sites such as and company website. You are also recommended to do a mock interview with a career counselor
  9. Review 10 Ways to Find a Paid Internship
  10. If you're considering an unpaid internship, you should review Top Reasons to do a Paid Internship and When to Consider Unpaid. 

If you can't participate in an internship due to work schedule or personal obligations you may want to build experience by creating your own project, freelancing, participating in challenges through mindsumo or parker dewey. You may have to think outside of the box but you can find opportunities that will help you build experience. Another idea is working with someone who has their own business since they may be more flexible.