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A virtual career fair has many similar elements as in-person fairs. Some virtual fairs may allow you to speak with employers one-on-one, others may be a series of mini info sessions. All of which have the same goal: to recruit high-level talent and fill open roles! No matter what type of virtual fair you are attending, it is very important to prepare for these fairs, make a good first impression and maintain a professional relationship. This guide details tips and advice for virtual mini fairs. It is sectioned off by category

Review our job fair prep playlist to help you become job fair ready!  

Our virtual fair guide (below) details tips, advice and additional resources for virtual fairs



Take time to research the companies that you are interested in working with.  When doing your research focus on the following: who the employer is, their mission, open positions (PT, FT, Internships) and current projects.  The more knowledge you have about the company, the greater your success will be in the virtual fair process!

  • Do your research by viewing the list of attending companies and what they are hiring for. Generally, you will receive this by email or for the Magner Center fair go to
    • Based on this list, you should divide and conquer – arrange employers into two groups: Group 1 (companies you really want to work for) and Group 2 (companies you would be interested in working for). Warm up on group 2 to get used to the virtual fair format.
  • Research the company on their main website.
  • Use and LinkedIn and Vault to do research on the companies as well.


In order to land the job, you generally will need to apply via the employer website; however, remember that the goal is to get a referral to a job, which will yield the greatest result.  After applying for roles, let the recruiter know you applied via email (this can go in your thank you email).

Remember, the resume and initial pitch gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job!  Do not underestimate the power of practicing answers to questions before the interview. Use our Interview Preparation for  to help you practice.