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Welcome to the Magner Career Center's Pre-Law Resource Hub. Students can find different resources at different levels of interest for their needs in pursuing a Law Career and the Pre-Law program. Make sure to stay connected and check out any events by logging into WebCentral and clicking on the "Career" tab at

For Academic Needs/Appointments

The Magner Center is open for students who need career assistance and related services. We strongly urge students who are undecided or have academic inquiries, regardless of interest in Pre-Law, to speak/make an appointment with the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success (CAASS) for assistance.

For more questions or assistance in creating your personalized academic plan, schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor Professor Anna Gotlib, Pre-Law Academic Advisor in Philosophy Department, 3307 Boylan Hall, 718.951.5324,

Students interested in Pre-Law and law careers can schedule an appointment to speak with Pamela Brown. Students must watch the Pre-Appointment video before meeting with Pamela:

A Warm Welcome from the Pre-Law Team 

The Pre-Law team at Brooklyn College is determined to see you succeed in your professional and academic endeavors. 

Our Mission Statement 

The Pre-Law program helps achievement-oriented students make informed decisions about  pursuing a career in legal professions; assists them in assessing the academic, personal, and  professional competencies and credentials they need to become successful applicants and  students of the Law Schools they aspire to attend; and provides access to the academic and career  advisement, resources, opportunities, and professional networks that will support them in  clarifying and achieving their goals. 

Qualified and highly motivated participants of the Pre-Law program at Brooklyn College, who have utilized its vast resources, have developed skills such demonstrating incisive and independent intellectual judgment and problem-solving skills, reading and analyzing dense and complicated texts closely, and creating exemplary works of compelling, effective, and scholarly writing.

Pre Law Handbook:

The Magner Career Center has prepared a comprehensive handbook that answers some general questions, is designed to help students realize if a career in law is a definite and right fit for them, and contains information on the requirements of the program.  

Students can find the handbook through this link:

Students should make sure to check out our page on Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Law Careers.  

For Information Regarding Stipends/Scholarships

Please direct all questions regarding scholarships and stipends to the Pre-Law Career Advisor, Pamela Brown (