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The Journey Continues...

What are 10 things Every Pre-Law Student Should Know?

  • Connect with the Prelaw Program
  • Search for Financial Aid
  • Begin networking
  • Keep a journal of experiences and observations
  • Research law schools early and determine your best-fit law schools
  • Make sure your professors know you (visit during office hours, speak up in class, and attend class)
  • Select a major of study that you enjoy
  • Get involved around campus and the student club community
  • Meet law school deadlines      


Put Your Research to Work

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Sample Data!


Median Pay

Job Growth through ?2022?


$113,530 per year

10% (74,800 more jobs)

Paralegal or legal assistant

$46,990 per year

17% (46,200 more jobs)


$102,980 per year

1% (400 more jobs)


Explore the Pre-Law Handbook:  (Make a new link for this)

What is the LSAT-Flex?

Newly Updated: Diversity Pipeline Program Directory:

The AccessLex Diversity Pipeline Program Directory has been recently updated to include information on nearly 60 pipeline programs! You and your students can use this tool to identify pipeline programs serving college students and/or college graduates from historically underrepresented groups. Easily search by region, enrollment classification, program duration, and program features to help your students find the right program for them. Try it out today!

Law School Application Tip:

Admissions applications are typically reviewed on a rolling basis. Some law schools even offer early admissions deadlines. Plan your LSAT preparation and test-taking date accordingly. The sooner your application materials are complete - the better. Apply early, if possible!


Here is the timeline for the Law School Application Process (make a link for this)

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(^) Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

The LSAT is a standardized test that law schools use to evaluate applicants for admission.

(*) Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)

The LSAC administers the LSAT and the online services that you use to apply to law schools.

(**) Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

The CAS is part of the LSAC. This service stores your letters of recommendation, transcripts, LSAT score (s) and all important documents.

(®) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This is the application you fill out to apply for financial aid from the U.S. government.

The Key Skills Needed for Law School, and How They Continue to Shape the LSAT!   (make a link)


 Additional Pre-Law Resources (make a link)


Pre-Law Scholarships (make a link)



* For more information please contact the Magner Career Center at 1303 James Hall or call 718-951-5696 to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Career Advisor.

Magner Career Center: Pre-Law Advisor

Pamela Brown 

Assistant Director

Global Internships & Pre-Law Programs

Liaison to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Adjunct, Business Management department

Contact information: 


(718) 951-5696

1303 James Hall

Brooklyn College, CUNY

To make an appointment please review the Pre-Appointment Video

Pre-Appointment video: