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Build the skills employers want to increase your competitive edge in landing a job and having success in your career.

  • Read the Professional Skills Handbook for advice from over 20 successful alumni in a variety of careers from music to scientific research. Here are other resources that discuss the skills employers want:
  • Review NACE's Career Readiness Competencies
  • Participate in internships to develop skills and experience and read How to be a Top Intern
  • Utilize resources outside of the Magner Career Center
    • Consider courses at Brooklyn College which will help you with your skill development such as Public Speaking, Intercultural Communications and Business Writing etc.
    • Time Management tips workshops are available through Personal Counseling
    • Computer Training workshops in the Library Café help students improve their overall knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).
    • Participate in clubs, student government, SERVA, leadership positions and/or other extracurricular activities to help develop your skills.

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