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 Why Should You Intern Abroad? Expand Your Career, your horizons, your future!

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Test drive your future....

Students looking to position themselves in the global workforce need to build intercultural communication skills and awareness and there is no better way than to participate in a Global Internship Program.

Student testimony: “The program helped me to get experience and opportunities to working with international organizations such as United Nations and UNHCR. …Today, I’m happy to say that I’m one of the founders of a nonprofit human rights organization …Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh.” 

-Krishna Chakma


I understand that while participating in the Activity, there are unavoidable risks, and I hereby release and promise not to sue the City of New York, the State of New York, the College, the University, and the officers, employees, agents, or representatives of any and all of them (“Released Parties”) for any damages or injury (including death) caused by, deriving from, or associated with my participation in the Activity. I understand that there may be other risks not known or reasonably foreseeable. I accept all of these risks and voluntarily elect to participate in the Activity.

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Photos of Student's Experiences Abroad:

                                                                                     Tamar Shakiashvili

 Pia Cardenas 

" A group of interns and I went on an excursion to explore Cape Point. It is located at southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula; I had an unforgettable experience: Hiking on a shine and amazing morning at the very top of  Chapman's Peak, it has breathtaking views.
In my role as an intern I also wanted to understand and learn more about the challenges the homeless employees faced in their daily lives. Therefore, I prepared and presented a class about, "Lessons on Forgiveness". Visiting the Safari with other interns was an enjoyable adventure, and we could feed and hug these loving creatures. We all got elephant hugs! 
After work I used to go hiking with my friends, and as you see in the photo at the back is South Africa's majestic Table Mountain. It is one of the most visited attractions for all tourists, and it has an elevation of  3,558 ".
-Pia Cardenas

Ricky Cohen

(From Top Left) Ricky with one of his students: Lizzie, in Little Einsteins Academy.
Ricky poses with his friend and student Noah, one of the many 2 year old in the school.
Child from one of the poor townships grasps Ricky’s hand as he is excited about having the same shoes.
Ricky and his friend Fredrick, his homeless friend who he helped return home after three years of living on the streets”
Ricky and his fellow volunteers with all of the Little Einsteins Academy children on his last day
Lebongo giving Ricky a hug goodbye on his last day
Ricky, along with some of his students on a regular day at school, Ricky Cohen


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International Internships: Information That You Need...

  • Scholarships:  
  • Students who plan to intern abroad should strongly consider applying for the Rosen Fellow (deadline in January) or can apply for a stipend through the Magner Career Center.  

    Deadline is Oct for a spring internship and March for a summer/fall internship. For more details and the application go to

  • The Schwarzman Scholars Program: 

           Provides funding for a master's degree at China's most             prestigious university.

           The Fulbright Program:

           Provides funding for research, teaching, and creative                 projects abroad.

           The Mitchell Scholarship :

           Provides funding for a master's degree anywhere in                 Ireland.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please consult the eligibility requirements on the websites and the email contact person (s) 

Volunteer Forever Travel Scholarship

  • MA in International Affairs program: 

Apply online :


Research other CUNY Colleges for more options: 

Baruch College programs       

Hunter College programs      

City College programs  


Tamar Shakiashvili: interning in Rome, Italy

Emmerline Nelson: interning in Tanzania

Alex Brandt: interning in Ethiopia, Africa

Jessica Khaimova: interning in Scotland

Imani Taylor: interning in Paris, France

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