How Do I Log in to BC Navigator?

Log in with your BC WebCentral account. If you don't have a BC WebCentral account or if you forgot your password, visit

How does BC Navigator relate to the WebCentral Portal?

BC Navigator uses the same login credentials as the Portal, and has select information from the Portal. BC Navigator also includes features not available in the Portal that are useful on-the-go, like maps and eventually an electronic Campus ID. Personalizable features, like Calendar and Contacts integration for Events, Classes, etc are also planned.

Will there be a version formatted specifically for tablets?

Yes, ITS is planning a version that will make better use of a tablet's larger screen real estate.

How about a "smart watch" version?

That is not currently planned.

Will there be a faculty/staff oriented app?

Yes.  Just as the WebCentral Portal delivers information common to both students and faculty/staff, and also tools specific to students and tools specific to faculty/staff, BC Navigator will soon include faculty/staff specific features as well.

What's the difference between BC Navigator and CUNY's MyInfo?

BC Navigator is a tool focused on our local Brooklyn College resources: our campus, our BC-specific transactions, our calendar and directory, and more. It also includes select CUNYfirst information.

CUNY MyInfo is a CUNY-wide app focused only on CUNYfirst, with a broader view of CF info. CUNY's app will eventually let you perform live CF transactions on your mobile device.

What about the unofficial BC apps available in the App Store, Google Play, etc?

BC Navigator is built on a sophisticated security system that safeguards your data. It has direct access to BC's databases to ensure that the most accurate information is supplied. It includes information and features that only the College can provide. Other apps may have useful features, but beware of their security vulnerabilities!

What are the pros and cons of storing my login credentials on my device?

Your credentials are secure when properly stored. However, if your device is lost or stolen, your sensitive information could become viewable by the thief or finder.

Does BC Navigator collect data? How do you protect users' privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. BC Navigator collects aggregate data to improve future versions of the application. No sensitive, personal, or identifying information will be collected. However, you do have the right to opt-out of this data-collection within the Application Settings. ( Brooklyn College Data Privacy Policy)

How do I give feedback or make suggestions?

Your feedback and suggestions will help us to develop and improve mobile apps for the entire BC community. Please use our brief feedback form, and share your comments on the App Store.