Through the numerous services that we offer, the Magner Career Center is here to help undecided students decide on a career path, find an ideal internship, and gain the information needed to have a successful job search. Undecided students should visit the Magner Career Center as early as possible, preferably as freshmen and sophomores, in order to fully take advantage of our range of services. Use this page to navigate the services available to you.

Discover Yourself
  • Take the Color Q Assessment to discover your career passion (Need help? Here's a video on how to fill out the Color Q quiz)  Learn more about what your personality says about you and your career prospects by reading the descriptions specific to your results.

  • Still confused with what you are interested in doing? Try the Wandering Map and Possible Lives Map exercises. 

Conduct Career and Employer Research

Conduct Informational Interviews

Gain Experience

Additional steps to take

  • Speak to other students who have already declared majors and have clear career goals. Perhaps they can offer you some insight into how they arrived at their decisions. For example, attending events hosted by clubs related to specific careers or majors can help answer some of your questions. 
  • Attend the events organized by the Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success or see an advisor for assistance with choosing a major or building a schedule to meet degree requirements.
  • Attend various internship panels and participate in at least two internships to help you decide whether or not you want to follow a particular career path. Internships are also offered through the various academic departments.
  • Speak to department counselors in the departments in which you might have interest. Faculty members have posted counseling hours for your convenience.

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