What is a thank you/follow up Letter?

Thank you letters are written expressions of your appreciation for the time, information and/or recommendations given to you in a formal or informal interview, during a particularly helpful phone call, or even through a great e-mail message.


Who to send thank you letters to?

Thank you letters are appropriate to send to employers, potential employers, contacts, professors, and anyone who has helped you with job leads, recommendations or suggestions for your job search.  If you interviewed with several people, sending a thank you letter to each one is the best approach.  You can make it essentially the same letter, but vary at least a sentence or two to individualize the letters in case the recipients compare notes.


When to send thank you letters?

A thank you letter should be sent in a timely manner.  Sending out a letter within 24-48 hours is best, but not later than a week after the interview.


Why write a thank you letter?


How to send a thank you letter?

Thank you letters can be typed, handwritten or e-mailed.  Hard copies are most formal and are appropriate after an interview.  Handwritten is more personal and can be appropriate for brief notes to a variety of individuals you may have met during on-site interviews.  E-mail is appropriate when that has been your means of contact with the person you want to thank, if your contact has expressed a preference for e-mail, or if you are in a hurry.


Tips for Writing Thank You letters


Format of Thank You letter

First Paragraph:

Second paragraph:

Third paragraph:

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