Stipends are made possible mainly through the generous support of alumni.  Please take time now to express your written appreciation to the donor who made your stipend possible.  A personal note of thanks simply says thank you for your support, for your confidence, for reaffirming dreams.  So please say “thank you,” and after you do, tell your donor about yourself, your career goals and your internship.  Your donor will love to hear from you and will be pleased to know that his or her investment in you is meaningful and appreciated.   

Content Suggestions    

• Briefly tell them about yourself.  You might include your reasons for choosing  Brooklyn College, your class year, major, campus and community activities, and leadership experiences.

• Discuss your future plans.  Talk about what you hope to accomplish while at Brooklyn College, an expected graduation date, your career goals, or how you plan to utilize your degree.

• Express your gratitude for the stipend.  Tell your donor what this stipend means to you, how it will help you, and say thank you.  Be sincere and express your gratitude warmly.

• Give them a little information about the internship

Style Guidelines

• Letters must be typed and signed.   

• Address your letter to the donor(s) or relative(s) of the donor that are listed in your award letter.  Please address them as Dr., Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and spell their names correctly.

• Keep the letter to one-page letter.

• Use sample thank you letters  as a guide but we encourage you to make this letter your own.  Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.

• Have someone else proofread your letter to check for spelling and grammatical errors.  You are encouraged to use the Learning Center in Boylan Hall.

After we receive your letter of appreciation, we will forward it to the donor(s).   If there are errors or if the letter is unacceptable, it will be returned to you to rewrite.